Neither Fear Nor Hope
General Frido Von Senger und Etterlin

ISBN 9781853670275
Uitgever Pen & Sword Books 1989
Taal GB
Categorie geschiedenis,WOII
Meer info Goed
Extra informatie General von Senger's book is one of the most interesting memoirs of the commanders in the Second World War, and in some important respects the most illuminating of all. No other has provided such an instructive picture of battlefield conditions and the tactical problems of that war. At the same time it is outstanding in the light it sheds both on the dilemma and on the mind-workings of a soldier, brought up in the atmosphere of German culture and in the traditions of the old Army, who found himself serving a Nazi regime that was profoundly repugnant to his instincts and to his education... Senger's story of these battles [at Cassino, in the Italian campaign] is intensely interesting (and very revealing about het opportunities missed by the Allies), while its value is greatly enhanced by frequent passages of tactical reflection that have both a fullness and depth that is rare in the war memoirs of fighting commanders... His narrative of the closing stages of the war in Italy is even more fascinating, and a real contribution to history...In sum, it is a book that no one interested in war history can afford to miss.

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