Joshua M. Greene

ISBN 9780684865256
Taal GB
Categorie geschiedenis,WOII,holocaust
Meer info Goed
Extra informatie Walter ReichYitzhak Rabin Memorial Professor of International Affairs, Ethics, and Human Behavior at George Washington University; former Director, United States Holocaust Memorial MuseumThis is a book of searing and penetrating reality. It recounts the Holocaust through the language of memory and personal experience. From it we learn, in ways otherwise impossible, what it meant to live as a Jew and die as a Jew in Nazi-occupied Europe. It not only tells us what happened; it draws us into that history and makes us live it with honesty, immediacy, and astonishing power. To these witnesses we owe an understanding of our own humanity that we'd otherwise never discover. This is the finest compendium of Holocaust memory I know.

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