Adorning The Empress
May Holdsworth

ISBN 9789627283508
Uitgever Form Asia Books Ltd. 2002
Taal GB
Categorie literatuur
Omschrijving like new
Extra informatie Bejewelled woman, embroidered robes, hairpins inlaid with kingfisher feathers, and delicately painted fans conjure up a lost world of the rich elite of imperial China. This was a world of spacious mansions and gardens, of high-ranking officials and wealthhy landlords, of their virtuous and accomplished wives and daughters, and of a domestic life conducted with decorum and taste. Adorning The Empress tells another story: for the women of the elite, no less than for those in peasant homes, bound feet and a strict social code kept them confined within their imprisoning courtyards. Theirs was a world as much of cruelty and sorrow as of grandeur and luxury.

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